[Projectleiding] Crowd funding the event

Juerd Waalboer juerd at tnx.nl
Sun Nov 17 16:49:32 CET 2019

Attilla de Groot skribis 2019-11-17 16:21 (+0100):
> Of course we hope that we can get any donations and/or sponsoring, but
> another option would be crowdfunding.

This can be interpreted as if the crowd funding would make sponsoring
redundant, but if I understand correctly, the giftcards are to be seen
as prepayment for future ticket sales, not extra income.

Can you further specify whether the proposed crowd funding is supposed
to be an additional source of income, to replace (part of) another
source of income such as sponsoring, or just a major shift in the
liquidity timeline? At the meeting yesterday I got the impression that
it was just a way to get some cash flowing in our direction earlier.

> A new feature in pretix is the possibility to sell “giftcards” (don’t
> confuse with a voucher) that are valid for purchases in the
> ticketshop.

I don't like the term "gift" because I'm afraid this term will cause
some people to believe they shouldn't buy them except for the purpose of
gifting them.

Since "voucher" is taken by the funny incrowd snowball system of the
CCC, I'm suggesting "coupon".

> However, there are a few consequences

None of the listed consequences look terrible, and I generally think
this is a very good idea, if I did understand correctly that it's just a
liquidity shifting scheme. I cannot currently think of any other
negative consequences.
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