[Projectleiding] Crowd funding the event

Attilla de Groot attilla at ifcat.org
Sun Nov 17 16:21:07 CET 2019

Hi All,

As quickly said yesterday during the meeting, we currently have about 38k left in funding. Given the fact that we start early with organizing the event, we will have to do (significant) payments before the ticketsales will even start. Of course we hope that we can get any donations and/or sponsoring, but another option would be crowdfunding.

I’m writing this in English, because I’ve put Martin on the cc. Martin previously ran the tickets & entrance at SHA (and wants to again ;-)) and now also works for Pretix. A new feature in pretix is the possibility to sell “giftcards” (don’t confuse with a voucher) that are valid for purchases in the ticketshop. This would give us the possibility to sell these giftcards in advance of the ticket-sales and generate income to cover any potential cashflow issues. However, there are a few consequences that we have to take into account to decide if we want to do this way.

- It would mean we have to “rush” the ticketshop with all related payments into production.
— This has to be ~6 months before the tickets are being sold (~spring 2020)
— The design won’t be done by then yet, so we will have to change the design of the ticketshop afterward to match the design
- Participants will basically be pre paying for the event
— We are responsible for this and we have to be clear in the procedures for this
— An advantage of this is that participants don’t have to pay the full amount at once when the ticket sales start
- We have to look at the tax regulations around this.

What do you all think about this idea and what other pros/cons are there?

Best regards,

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