[Projectleiding] Crowd funding the event

Alexander electrowolf at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 17:26:25 CET 2019

Hi all,

Short remarks:
* If you want to sell giftcards (or w/e it will be) you can name them with
with monetary value in the name. e.g. "100 euro MunCH giftcard". This
removes all doubt about what it is ;-).
* By setting a max "giftcard" value that is guaranteed to be below the
ticket price, we can improve our cash flow whilst not having to "pay people
back". To me this seems to be the easiest option.
* Crowdfunding vs sponsoring: There are many tastes of either. Some are
purely donations, some require something in return. But we have full
control over what we want to give in return (insert sponsor discussions
here). Depending now how you set up the crowdfunding you can have control
over who supports us. If we use most crowdfunding platforms you do not have
any control over who supports us. If we mix both discussion you could come
up with the following question: "Do we find it ok if %evilcompany gives us
free money?" If the answer is "no" we have some other challenges to deal
with ;-).



PS. MunCHcards sounds cool, use it to buy munch munch munchies!
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