[Projectleiding] Crowd funding the event

Attilla de Groot attilla at ifcat.org
Tue Nov 19 22:36:14 CET 2019

> On 17 Nov 2019, at 16:49, Juerd Waalboer <juerd at tnx.nl> wrote:
> Attilla de Groot skribis 2019-11-17 16:21 (+0100):
>> Of course we hope that we can get any donations and/or sponsoring, but
>> another option would be crowdfunding.
> This can be interpreted as if the crowd funding would make sponsoring
> redundant, but if I understand correctly, the giftcards are to be seen
> as prepayment for future ticket sales, not extra income.
> Can you further specify whether the proposed crowd funding is supposed
> to be an additional source of income, to replace (part of) another
> source of income such as sponsoring, or just a major shift in the
> liquidity timeline? At the meeting yesterday I got the impression that
> it was just a way to get some cash flowing in our direction earlier.

That impression was correct, I should have stated it different to make sure that this isn’t the interpretation.

>> A new feature in pretix is the possibility to sell “giftcards” (don’t
>> confuse with a voucher) that are valid for purchases in the
>> ticketshop.
> I don't like the term "gift" because I'm afraid this term will cause
> some people to believe they shouldn't buy them except for the purpose of
> gifting them.
> Since "voucher" is taken by the funny incrowd snowball system of the
> CCC, I'm suggesting "coupon".

I have to look at Martin here, but I’m pretty confident that we can call it a “May coupon hacker” if we want to.

>> However, there are a few consequences
> None of the listed consequences look terrible, and I generally think
> this is a very good idea, if I did understand correctly that it's just a
> liquidity shifting scheme. I cannot currently think of any other
> negative consequences.

You understood correctly, thanks for the comments.

— Attilla

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