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Fri Nov 15 10:09:30 CET 2019

Hi all,

Dit zijn de vier entries die we via de mail hebben ontvangen. Deze staan niet online. Afzender bekend, niet uitgezocht of we die ook kunnen publiceren. Dat is voor de keuze ook niet van belang.

De rest van de entries staat hier online: https://wiki.ifcat.org/Identitycrisis



HIC, aka Hacker Identity Crisis

The hacker identity is unclear, hackers have in a way made great
progress in (re)claiming the term, but also expanded a lot as a
community. Drawing in more kinds of people, increasing diversity. With
diversification, comes as can also be seen in the rest of society,
stress on the 'identity' of a group. What makes one a hacker? What falls
under hacking? What is a hack? With terms as 'ethical hacker', 'maker',
'figuurzager' being thrown about, the hacker identity is far from clear
and uniform. A point of crisis perhaps, not in the sense of panic, but
as a point where we get beyond when we learn when things come together.

moodboard attached.

keywords: identity, community, cooperation, co-existence, conflict,
connecting, resolving, diversity,

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Name: Logisch, Hacken is Cool

Deeper Meaning: Hacking is not something that is "bad", "evil" or "uninspiring". Hacking is something cool, something new, something that is refreshing and new. We are not in the "dark" ages anymore, we are having fun, being together, showing the beauty called science.

Keywords: Cool, Sweet, Fresh, Summer, Refreshing, Light Physics

Acronym: LHC (Large Hadron Collider)

Why this acronym:
When the LHC was first introduced, it was seen as "new", "refreshing" and "inspiring". However, people also thought that slamming 2 particles at the speed of light could also mean the end of the world, a black hole would form, etc. However, they found something so new and bright, it would change the view that people had of science. CERN was put on the map as a model for scientific research into the unknown, and ended up being the inspiration for the entertainment industry.

Mood board: Blue, white, green, beach, mint, peppermint, sunny beach, cheering crowd, vibrant light colors, menthos, lemon, green tea, hippies

What concept binds these three: We don't want to be dark, we want to be light!


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